This statement might seem bold, but it’s true.

  Our bodies have amazing ability to rebuild, repair and renew constantly. For example, every three to six months we have completely new finger nails. Likewise, all our organs and tissues are constantly being replaced with new “spares”. For instance our stomach lining renews every five days and the liver every six weeks.

  As the body ages it requires more of raw material in order to perform all those tasks. Depending on how much and what type of material and fuel we provide ourselves with, we’ll get the efficiency and quality from or bodily systems.

 No needles, no surgery!

   There are a few easy steps to follow in order to slow down the time, keep those wrinkles or cellulite under control, and age in a healthy and beautiful way.

According to recent findings, it takes 20 to 70 days for humans to change bad habits into good ones.

 “Ageing well is a matter of making the most of all the natural repair-and-restore systems your body has access to.” (Patrick Holford and Jerome Burne, The 10 Secrets of Healthy Ageing)