“I have contacted Arleta at Nutriart as I was desperate to lose weight and to start more healthy way of eating. The word “diet’’ always was putting me of as I love food so I was bit sceptical about another diet plan. I couldn’t believe when after first week I have lost 3kg while I was actually eating a lot and it didn’t feel like a diet at all! Arleta gave me lots of advices and took a very good care of me. The meals were tasty and easy to prepare. All you needed it to do was to follow few simple rules!

I feel great! I have managed to lose 14 kg (2.2 stone) in 3 months. My confidence is growing, I feel much happier as I look better. I have more energy and constantly receiving complements from friends which is even more motivational. Oh.… and finally I fit in my ,,little black’’ again J

There are no words I can use to describe how grateful I am for Arleta’s help. I am delighted with my metamorphosis I have achieved thanks to her and hers NutriArt.” Izabela O. June 2014

“My intention was to lose weight so I dig into websites, articles, magazines, spoke with friends and the story was always the same… oh… do this, eat that, try these… The truth is… most of that was certainly not for me. I cannot be too strict. I hate the feeling of limiting my options or massively skipping things I like… all that was the case until I met Arleta and her Nutriart. I was quite honest with her from the start: look… please don’t come to me with something too strict because it’s not going to work. I know myself too well. So, she was amazing about listening (first rule of good advice) and devising a list of options and recommendations that you could easily follow and still live with it. The great thing was when she has showed me how to prepare simple and fast meals in my own kitchen. I had no idea how dead-simple healthy cooking can be! Although i don’t cook much myself I found it quite inspirational and encouraging. And the outcome was even better than all this, in about two weeks not only I noticed the changes but also felt healthier and with more energy. The name she chose for her business could not be more accurate. We ingest so many things daily without thinking or knowing the consequences… It is an ART to eat properly and healthy and Nutriart certainly nailed it.” Santiago I., January 2014

“ I have always done sports and never really had to be much careful about what and how much I eat. Unfortunately in the last few years I had to reduce dramatically my physical activity due to a knee surgery. This has resulted in gaining few more kilograms, which have proved to be not so easy to shed back off. Arleta looked into my eating habits and prepared a plan to enhance my metabolism without feeling any hunger during the day. I actually had to start eating more, which shocked me a bit at first. The plan lasted 4 weeks and wasn’t too difficult even for someone who has grown up with pasta twice a day and a lot of biscuits and cakes. I lost 6kgs (more than expected) in 28 days and I keep a stable weight since. I am also very conscious about what I eat now and what I thought to be a difficult habit has become a natural one. By just sticking to few easy principles I now can happily enjoy my favourite foods and keep my weight off at the same time, I love it. Arleta is amazing and her consultancy is one of the best investments I have ever done.” Maurizio G., December 2013

Arleta’s passion for food and good, healthy living is really contagious. She helped me to rethink my diet and make it richer, more colourful and much, much testier. I was impressed with her knowledge of nutrition and found her really supportive and inspirational. Her advice helped me to improve my self-knowledge and well-being. Lucja W., October 2013

“I just wanted to comment on Arleta’s ability to get me to achieve my health goals. I am now at the weight that I have always wanted to be, and in a great shape. My friends and family have told me that I look 5 years younger and asked me how it happened. Arleta, with her understanding and gentle approach together with her very successful nutritional program, was able to get me to feel better about myself and lose the weight I wanted to lose. Thanks to Arleta I also discovered some foods I’ve never tried before which I love and enjoy now on a regular basis. And I’m now definitely more adventurous and more health conscious with my cooking.” Yanan L., April 2013

“I have first came across the art of nutrition when I needed help with my ongoing ‘tummy problems’, the, all too familiar to most women, feeling of being bloated and general discomfort. Arleta has educated me on foods that cause my body to respond in an undesired way and, more importantly, she thought me about foods that are friendly. I have tried the 4 weeks detox programme and within first week I have lost 4 pounds (1.8kg) without even trying – just by following few simple rules. I loved what I learned as I have realised you can lose weight healthily and without actually dieting or going hungry. Following the programme was straightforward and has left me with the knowledge that I continuously apply to my way of eating. Most importantly I am complete convert as far as food and nutrition is concerned – I have experienced first-hand that by eliminating certain foods and increasing intake of others you really can make yourself feel better and notice a visible improvement in your health and wellbeing as well as condition of your skin, hair and nails.” Klaudia K. December 2012