We all know or heard a dozens of times that sport and being active is good for us. But is it really? Always? For everybody?

    Exercise can be daunting and not always seem to bring the results we would expect. However, there are few undoubted facts about the impact of physical activity on our bodies.

    It lowers heart rate, straightens cardiovascular system, increases lung capacity, it helps with metabolism, weight maintenance and what’s critical for anti-aging and many other bodily functions, it keeps your body optimally hydrated. People who maintain even minimal routines a few times a week have higher cellular water content. That means they stay hydrated more easily than sedentary person. And that means healthier and more efficient body.

   According to one of the researches published in British Medical Journal athletes live 2.8 years longer on average than the average lifespan. Experts from Edinburgh University say that exercising may stop your brain from shrinking and showing in you later life the signs of ageing linked to dementia.

   All you need really is to find the type of activity that will suit your personal preferences, physical abilities and … your daily schedule.

“The fitter you are, the less water you need to drink”